Septic Systems

New Construction

With multiple types of septic systems available for your home, it is important to work with an experienced plumber that know about the different types and when to use which. Axsom-Franke Plumbing can help you determine which septic system will meet your needs for years to come. We will work with you or your builder in determining the best system and the best way to install it.


No septic system is maintenance free 100%. We can assist with all aspect of maintaining your septic system. No one likes to have the surprise of flushing the toilet only to have back flow, or it cause flooding in your back yard. With the proper maintenance, we can help prevent these kinds of issues. Call us today for an inspection and consult about your septic maintenance needs.

Backflow preventative service

If you’re having issues with back flow, call us, and we’ll repair and diagnose the issue. We’ll let you know what the problem is and can install what needs to be installed. We are certified and highly experienced in servicing all types of septic systems.

Diagram of a typical field type septic system

Septic System